Sometimes small changes can have big effects on your bottom line. Check out our best ideas and helpful advice to increase equipment performance, cut fuel costs, and reduce the environmental impact of your business operations.

Green Tip No. 2


Look for leaking faucets. A tight shut-off saves water and the energy used to heat it. Replace worn washers on sink shut off valves in a timely fashion.

Money Saving Advice

Dedicate and Recirculate.

Install a dedicated hot water line to the dishwasher and a hot water recirculation line with a mixing valve to the remainder of the fixtures. By relegating the hottest water to a dedicated line, you can improve the washing power of your dishwasher and reduce radiant heat loss in your recirculation line, which supplies 120F water to the remainder of your equipment.


Mandate use of faucet aerators.

Pots fill faster without aerators; but missing aerators turn faucets from a 2-gallon/minute load into a 7-gallon/minute drain on your water heating equipment. Your equipment was not sized for this "timesaving kitchen technique" and is and burning more fuel dollars to make up the difference. If your kitchen can't serve without a faster faucet, perhaps it's time to update your sizing requirements.